Outspoken - not Outrageous

Rebecca Feldman is a devoted community advocate.  She has invested over a decade to improve life in our County Seat, first through a series of volunteer efforts and then as an elected official.  

Safe Reliable Power after the Storms

IMG_0097_Rebecca_BPU_PD-ed.pngHurricane Sandy, Hurricane Irene, the 2011 Halloween Snowstorm and a series of electrical explosions in downtown Morristown, were full-time efforts for Rebecca.  She worked side-by-side with the Office of Emergency Management team to help residents cope with the disasters and their aftermath and advocated for better infrastructure and emergency response from JCP&L.

On September 18 2011, Feldman spent the entire day in Trenton in order to appear at the Board of Public Utilities to express the concerns of our community about infrastructure failures.  After Hurricane Irene she again spoke out to the BPU at a Morris County public hearing and followed up again during and after Hurricane Sandy.

Rebecca keeps up between the storms.  She participated in a monthly Emergency Response meeting with JCP&L’s new president, James Fakult in July, 2013 and continues to press JCP&L to improve reliability in outage-prone areas.


Reforms that Matter

In 2007, Feldman spoke out for local Pay to Play reform; when the Council refused to adopt it citizens did so by Referendum in 2008.  That local law means that Rebecca does not accept any contributions from Town contractors and that anyone who would like to do work for Morristown in the coming years has a strict $300 limit.

As a newly-elected Councilwoman, Rebecca tackled the issue of costly health benefits for part-time elected officials, persisting for eighteen months to have the Council vote to eliminate their own benefits.

Challenging Old School Politics with Grassroots Independence

Feldman was Campaign Manager for Scott Whitenack’s Independent campaign for Mayor in 2005.  She built an incredible team of volunteers, raised an unprecedented amount of LOCAL money in little time, and helped Whitenack to garner 40% of the vote in a three-way race.

In 2006 Rebecca helped manage the communications campaign for the Enough Already – VOTE NO grassroots campaign to overwhelmingly defeat the 100% salary increase the Council had given to the mayor of Morristown.

In 2007 Rebecca's grassroots team made her Morristown's only independent elected official, beating a three-term incumbent with over 60% of the general election vote.  

In 2011, Rebecca faced opposition from both parties but won re-election by a 4 to 1 margin.


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